Sunday, January 3, 2016

Winter Fly Tying

This is the time of the year to stock up the boxes. Whether it's to get ready for spring or to supplement what flies are used in winter, this is when to do it. With the deep dark of a cold winter night just beyond the window, a glass of brand and quality old school bluegrass playing in the background make vise time all the more comforting.

I tied some more Zebra Midges the other night, this time in size 24. The size 20s have been working well, but it makes sense to diversify.

Santa also brought me a nice Christmas present: A UV lamp and resin. I'm long overdue acquiring these and put them to use this morning. I experimented with tying up a few Evil Olive variants in size 18. They turned out okay, but I could have worked up and tapered the body better on most of them.

Working with the resin itself was great. I look forward to getting more comfortable with it and already appreciate what it'll allow me to do.

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