Tuesday, September 3, 2013


There is an obscure small park on nearby Little Ossipee Lake that I have eyeballed for fishing for a while. With the dumping we've received, I figured it would be a good time to check it out. The rivers would be pretty high and maybe I could hook up with a bass at the lake... or perhaps a trout if I was lucky.

As soon as I waded in I knew trout were pretty much out of the question. The water was surprisingly warm. Temps have been relatively high during the rain and we've had some warm days before it arrived, so it makes sense. Still, I had hoped it would be cooler.

I waded out, began casting and inadvertently eavesdropped on a what sounded like a telephone conversation from a house several hundred yards across the lake. With no sound wave interference, it was crystal clear. The woman talking had a New Jersey accent but wasn't discussing anything exciting. It sounded like she was relaying a grocery list and they would be having a salad to go with supper.

I stayed for about half an hour and the only thing I caught was weeds. Not one strike, so I decided to bale. I'd like to try this spot again when the weather is cooler though, perhaps in late October or November when some of the vegetation hopefully dies off and sinks and the trout that I know exist in this lake are more active.

I checked in with Kate and told her I planned to hit the outlet a few miles down the road. I ended up with a bluegill and a little smallie using a wooly bugger. Ho hum, but I did avoid getting skunked. Forecast is looking quite favorable for the second half of the week. Much cooler temps that should be around for a while.

Area: Lake shore and river outlet.
Water: High. Clear on the lake, high at the outlet and stained. Surprisingly warm.
Weather: Upper 60s, overcast, light rain.
Time: 4:30-6:30pm
Fish and flies: Black and brown wooly bugger, size 10. One bluegill, one smallie.

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